Build your practice. Contribute to community.

Teacher training is a way to advance your practice though yoga & meditation experiences, inspirational leadership, self-care practices, accountable home practice & peer/community support.  Some take training to deepen their practice, grow personally & to give back to the community.  Others take training to add to their toolbox, establish a foundation for a career that allows one to thrive while sharing their passion in life.

Our 200 hour Foundations of Yoga Training program is September/2019-May/2020, and will be led by OM's director & senior teacher Tammy Mitchell.  Supporting Faculty includes Theresa Murphy-TAMO’S PRIMARY TEACHEr/MENTOR & author of the tt curriculum, Terri Atkinson-TEACHER ASSISTANT, GABRIEL HALPERN-MASTER TEACHER, ERIKA GRIMM-AYURVEDA, and mentors Karly Pruss, TJ Grash & Christy Wilkins.

To help prepare students for personal growth & training, Tammy will continue to lead weekly classes, immersions, apprenticeships, professional training & continuing education opportunities focusing on Foundations of Hatha Yoga, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Thai Healing Arts AT OM ON THE RIVER through out spring/summer 2019. Attending a class/workshop is a great way to get to know your primary teacher, the community & our practice space in Downtown Peoria.

If you would like to receive info of upcoming weekly classes, workshops, intensives, apprenticeships & trainings or would like a meeting with Tammy to discuss the TT program, please email: or call/text: 309.2319642

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Let it grow! If you are interested in applying for our Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, please fill out the application below, send an email to: or call the studio line: 309.231.9642


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OM on the River Yoga Center
 200 Hour Teacher Training Application
 Foundations of Yoga w. Primary Teacher Tammy Mitchell
 {Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour Teacher Training Program} 
 -regular yoga practice for about one year 
 -genuine interest in the deeper dimensions of yoga beyond asana/posture To apply, please copy/paste and complete the following information. Submit below (or email to as an attachment in a pages document (mac), word document (pc) or in email body). If you cannot answer all of the questions or they don’t apply to you, no worries. Complete the questions to the best of your ability. It is understood the information provided below is confidential, and will be reviewed by primary teacher Tammy Mitchell & teacher assistant Terri Atkinson. Once your application is received, Tammy will contact you via email with-in one week of submission. Additional info may be requested. If you have any questions or do not receive a response with-in one week, please contact Tammy via OM on the River’s studio line: 309.231.9642 Name: 
 Primary Phone: 
 Personal Email Address: 
 Date of Birth:
 Profession/occupation: 1. How long have you practiced yoga? What were your first experiences like? Describe your current practice. 
2. What styles of asana/posture do you prefer? What teachers most influence you? 3. Please describe your experience with yoga beyond postures. (Examples: personal meditation practice, workshops on breathwork/meditation/philosophy, taking online classes, mentorships, or informal study with self/friends) 4. Do you currently teach yoga, or have any other yoga/meditation/health/fitness/ coaching/mentoring certifications? Please list certifications & degrees that you have or are pursuing.
5. Describe your experience with public speaking, teaching, management, family roles, community involvement and/or group leadership experiences. 6. What aspect of your yoga experience would you like to shine a light on thru this program? What do you hope to gain from this yoga training experience? 7. Do you have pre-existing injuries or health issues? Please describe your physical, mental & emotional health. 8. What are some other hobbies or interests you have besides yoga? 9. Do you intend to teach yoga after completing the training? 10. Is there anything else you want to share about yourself, your practice or path in life? 
 Electronic Signature/Date:
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